What are commission sponsored seminars?

Through local partnerships, the Commission helps home buyers learn how to purchase and maintain a home. Commission-sponsored home buyer education seminars are the first step in purchasing a home.  They are free and open to the public, include information about the Commission's first mortgage programs, down payment assistance, and other loan programs; and are accepted by all affordable housing loan programs as meeting or exceeding educational requirements.

Why would I want to attend?

You are not sure if you qualify financially to buy a home.
You want to learn and understand the mortgage loan process.
You are afraid of being taken advantage of by a seller or listing agent.
You want to know who to trust for information.
You are sick and tired of renting.
You are cautious or suspicious by nature.
You want to know how to look for and get a fair deal.

What do our seminars look like?

Seminar instructors have attended training and agreed to standards set by the Commission. Seminars are at least five hours in length, covering all major aspects of the home buying process. Seminars are presented in an open, unbiased format. Seminars use approved training materials and handouts. No direct marketing or sales presentations are given either by the instructor or any guest speakers.

What topics are covered in the class?

Picking the right loan program for your situation.
Down payment & Closing Costs
How much can you afford?
Home inspection details.
Renting vs Buying.
Finding and dealing with you fears in the purchase of a home.
How to avoid the nine most common mistakes made by buyers when buying a home.
The six steps to buying a home.

When do I need to take the class?

If you plan on using any of the Commission's programs to purchase your home, you must complete this seminar before your loan officer can lock in your interest rate. It is recommended you take the class before you actually start the home buying process so you can gain the full benefit of the program, Many people find they gain enough information at the seminar to successfully locate and finance a home of their own. Others may find they need additional assistance.

Where are the classes held?

Currently Alex Stuart and his lender partners put on classes in these three cities, Vancouver, Longview/Kelso, and Portland. Even though the course is held in Portland it is intended for people who are planning on living somewhere in Washington State

Please email Alex if you are interested in additional locations.

Can I get additional information?