Thank you to all those people that help me and my clients everyday!

The following is a list of great people that I trust and work with to help you make your real estate transaction easier, faster, and most of all correct.

No financial compensation is received to be listed here.


Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson, Mortgage Banker

NMLS #1550975

Summit Mortgage Corporation


Brian does a great job teaching WSHFC classes with myself by bringing helpful knowledge to our students about the finance side of a home purchase. He also is tremendous at bringing the loan in under the deadline.

Home Inspectors

Russel Tolle

Russell Tolle, Home Inspector

WAHI #1301, OCHI #2133, CCB #219857

45th Parallel Home Inspection


Russell performs home inspections, Radon testing, and sewer scope services in Washington and Oregon. We focus on the Vancouver, WA / Clark County, and Portland, OR / Multnomah County areas, however, quite often we go further out..


James Colter, Home Inspector

WAHI #2117, OCHI #2102

Structural Integrity Solutions, LLC


James performs thorough inspections at reasonable prices.  He will help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

He is located in Vancouver and serves all the surrounding areas.

Plumbers / Sewer Scopes


Marsh Warren, Owner

Drain Cleaning - Plumbing Repair - Sewer Scope

Clog Pro


Clog Pro started as a one man shop. They grew because they take care of their customers right the first time. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction with every job. They do this by having skilled plumbers, using the best materials, and treating their customers like they are our family.



Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson, HVAC Specialist

Lic #604114611

Sterling Heating & Cooling
Licensed, Bonded & Insured


Over 20 years of working on HVAC in the Vancouver area, Chad brings the necessary experience with the expected quality of your heating and cooling needs. He is both fair and reasonable with his time and prices.


Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson, Staging Expert

The Stage Coach


Selling a home is challenging, getting it prepared to sell can be overwhelming. The 'Stage Coach' can help alleviate this burden. From determining, what do I need to do to get my house ready for the market; what improvements are going to give me the best return on investment; to what needs to be eliminated, to what needs to stay. Your initial consultation will answer these questions and many more, giving you a easy guide to getting your house market ready.