Law Enforcement TY

City / County / State / Federal

Police / Sheriff / Transit Authority / School District / University / Housing Authority / Airport / Harbor / Hospital /
State Patrol / Field Operations / Forensic Laboratory Services /
Investigative Services Bureau / Fish and Wildlife /
ATF / CIA / Customs & Border / DIA / DEA / EPA / FBI / Homeland Security / IRS / Marshal / Postal / Secret Service

What is Homes for Heroes®?

We are the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate/loan specialists providing easy ways for heroes to save significant money when buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

Who qualifies?

In addition to Law Enforcement city, county, state, and federal, we reward Military, Firefighters, Healthcare / EMS and Educator personnel. Everyone that works within these industries qualifies.

Why do we do this?

These people, through the work they do, are very important to the success of our community. Our goal is to give back to our heroes and help them save money when they buy, sell, or refinance a home.

How does working with an affiliate save me money?

Have us represent you when buying, selling, or refinancing your home. In addition to educating our clients before, during, and even after the home buying/selling process, we have Hero Rewards®. These come in the form of rebates or reductions off your broker’s commission and savings on your loan. This can mean thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to you or your organization.

Where can I get a more information?